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[12 Aug 2004|12:46am]

new lj


comment to be added kidos

11 can't stop

[09 Aug 2004|10:58pm]

it's an addictionCollapse )

12 can't stop

[09 Aug 2004|11:47am]
yesterday i went to disneyland.
it made me realize somethings.
i can't tell you how many stare/glares i got.
it was like everyone there was looking at me.
One girl stoped, looked me over and said "Ew"
the funny thing is, it really doesn't bother me.
Becasue this guy stop my sister, my mom, and i.
He said,
" I just wanted to tell you, to never change who you are.
you have something great going, and im sure alot of people dont realize it. Never let anyone discourage you, or change who you are, cause you're going to be famous one day. And people will see you and think wow. The fact that you can walk around in leggings, and legwarmers, with your head held up high, really says something."
then he shook my hand, and asked if he could take a picture of us, becasue he wanted to show his daughters how "cool" i looked.
Despite all of the glares i got that day, that one person telling me that, made up for it.
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[07 Aug 2004|11:20pm]

in the water where the scent of my emotion, all the world can pass me byCollapse )

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[05 Aug 2004|10:14pm]

all of my memorys,

good and bad thats past,

didn't take the time, to realize.

i'm looking for a way to become,

the person that i dreamt up.

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[02 Aug 2004|11:25pm]


the face i see infront of me, may never be in magazines,

but im still gonna


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[31 Jul 2004|05:24pm]


the happy couple

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[29 Jul 2004|02:33pm]
5 can't stop

[25 Jul 2004|08:04pm]


hot     to     the     maximum     almost..

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[23 Jul 2004|11:19pm]
thats like sorta wicked neto i guess but it is good to late night party with cheetah print stationary and green plastic cups. just like that one time when i got cause it my window and a bird flew down my throught. then it was quit odd cuase hanson sat on my roof and sang MMMMMMMMMBOP!!!! a shoooby bopa do bop! and so they were yelling at me so i just threw a bread crum at them. while my brother was brushing my hair he almost lost him sticker book with the cheese stickers in them. i felt sorry. so i flew away to scandanavia wich is my culture and we danced around a dry ice bomb bag with plastic ring on our head. cool?
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[23 Jul 2004|08:32am]
join definefashion cause its like totally hot.
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[21 Jul 2004|04:00pm]


       nobody asked me what i wanted

       im a vegitarian

            i miss elana and mariam

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[17 Jul 2004|10:19pm]
im on vacation. ihad to get out of TO. not sure when ill be back. later.
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[13 Jul 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | i cant even explain it ]

so thats it. that was the last time im ever gonna see her. Its not everyday you best friend moves to Pakistan. I am so upset right now and i dont no iff i will be updating for a while. I feel like theres no point in doing anything right now. my life is over. i better stop cuase i cant see im crying so hard right now...

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[12 Jul 2004|09:15am]




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